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The Kaleidoscope Referral Program

Kaleidoscope offers a referral program that allows both the person referring a new customer as well as the person being referred to gain recurring discounts.

How does it work?

As a customer of Kaleidoscope (version 5.0 or later) you see an entry Share & Enjoy in the Welcome window. From there, locate the Share Link button that provides you with the referral link.

Share this link via text, email, or social media with as many persons as you like. Each person subscribing to a Yearly Kaleidoscope Plan using this link will receive a US$ 10 discount on the initial purchase.

If you are a paid subscriber of a Yearly Kaleidoscope Plan, you will also receive a US$ 10 discount for your next renweal, for up to 3 persons, for a maximum discount of US$ 30 on your next renewal.

The discounts for both you as referrer as well as the person being referred are recurring, meaning they will automatically apply for future renweals, as long as both sides remain subscribed to Kaleidosocpe.


  • The Kaleidoscope Referral Program cannot be combined with other rebates or promotions.
  • All discounts apply only for Individual Yearly Plans. In particular, they DO NOT work with monthly subscriptions or Team plans.
  • The person invited immediately receives a discount, the refering person will receive a discount for future renewal(s).
  • Up to three referral discounts can be accumulated, for a total of US$ 30 of discount per year.

Questions & Answers

How many people can I invite?
You can share your referral link with as many people as you like. Each person using it will receive a US$ 10 discount when purchasing a Yearly subscription.
How much discount will I receive?
You will receive US$ 10 discount for each person using your referral link to purchase a Yearly Kaleidoscope Plan, up to a total of US$ 30.
When do I reveive my discount?
  • As the person referring someone, you will receive your discount starting with the next subscription renewal.
  • As the person being referred, you will receive a US$ 10 discount immediately for your first purchase.
What does recurring mean?
Discounts will remain in your account and apply each year again, as long as both the referring person and the person being referred remain customers.
Is any private data being shared?
Absolutely not. Referral links work via a randomly generated ID. As a result, both parties will not know who the other person is.
How do I check my discount?
  • As the person being invited, you see the discount immediately being shown when completing your purchase. Please ignore the then $xxx yearly label for now. We know it is wrong and we are working to resolve this issue with our license reseller Paddle. Rest assured that the discount will continue to apply as long a person inviting you will remain subscribed.
  • As the person inviting someone, you will see the discount from your Subscription page. Your Next Billing Total will be decreased by the discount amount.

More Questions?

If you have questions about the Kaleidoscope Referral Program, or Kaleidoscope in general, please get in touch via